Dec 18, 2007

Computer Down For Repairs


As of 12/12/2007 windoze FATALLY crapped out on me. *again*.

Fortunately, as I am already well aware that windoze is worse then useless, when it died the first time just 14 months ago, I had a backup plan - I squished windoze onto 10GIG of my system and put the less unstable Linux SUSE OS on the rest. ;)

Geeky stuff follows...
Unfortunately, windoze was so corrupted this time that a simple reinstall didn't work. I was forced to format that drive entirely and lose anything i had there. It wasn't much- I know better than to keep important files ona windoze system, but Losing Netscape bookmarks (autosaved to windoze HD) really killed me though when I realized it. It's so easy to backup yet I put it off just a few days before windoze died. T_T T_T T_T And worse, windows being the monopolzing system that it is, it "rewrote" the MBR meaning I couldn't boot my still useable LINUX system until I fixed the MBR too. At that point I decided to finally take the plunge and go WINDOZE-FREE!! Like quitting smoking - I was on the 'patch' for awhile, using a measly 10GIG of my 60GIG system for windoze, and now I'm ready to get rid of the 'patch' and go WINDOZE-FREE. XD SUSE will reabsorb the 10G windoze HD and convert it to mere document storage. XD

Safe to read once again...
Although I'm sure some of you have been enjoying the break, enjoy it while you can. ;) I'll be up and fully functional by the end of Decemeber. Right now i'm booting from CD to my original SUSE installed OS so I'm semi-functional. I just need a large block of time to download the updates and install the updated version of SUSE and that's not going to happen until XMAS vacation. :P

Until then, cheers!
Wishing a Safe and Happy Holidays to You and Yours =)

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