Mar 5, 2007

2007 week 10: Protein Prediction Programs


This is the one I personally use. Easy setup, easy monitoring functions, allows resource allocation. You can join teams and connect with others on the message boards. Plus, with the BOINC manager, you can add and contribute to other distributed computing projects.
I have never had any errors or problems, unlike the Standford one which was CONSTANTLY "searching" and never downloaded anything. This project was also briefly introduced on the science daily website here.

Our team is ~Ferret Knots~. Join! It's painless. AND it is an easy way to contribute to the scientific community and future of medicine without the stress of needing to know what it is all about. ^.^

This is a Japanese Protein Predictor program. Although the project and main pages are in Japanese, you can also view the pages in English. I wrote to them at one point about their status. They, like Rosetta, also claim to to be not-for-profit. They have some vary nice protein-related articles. Plus, like Rosetta not only do they have message boards and the ability to make/join teams, they are also BOINC-compatible. The project is based in Tokyo University.

This is the Standford Program I mentioned above. I tried several times to no avail. As such, I really can not recommend it because it never worked for me. We are donating are time and computer resources freely, the least they should provide is a well written program. It is a more heavily graphic based program so if you can get it to run, good for you. If not you can always stick with Rosetta or Tanpaku.

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