Sep 24, 9707

Welcome Mathematicians and Ferret-Lovers!


This brain-child was first spontaneously conceived at the end of 2006, but the full-blown birth occurred in 2007, ringing in the New Year of the Boar!!

What We Are Doing:
As the subtitle says, we're a group of interested people looking to apply maths in the quest to find solutions in veterinary science. Historically, a majority of applied mathematics has been used to study human aliments; we wish now to turn our focus to other equally worthy endeavors - our companion animals. More specifically, we are interested in the Mustela putorius furo, the domesticated ferret.

To read more about our goal & what you can expect to see here, Read Entire Original Article Here.

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Sep 13, 2011

New Findings @Boinc!


We received a nice comment recently that re-inspired us to get back to work on this site.

This led us, first, straight back to Boinc especially now that we have access to a second, mostly unused computer for processing.
I have to say, after an extended absence, we were very happy to see not one, but TWO new protein related projects @Boinc.

After some research, we decided to add one of the new projects to the existing FerretKnots Boinc team.

Now, in addition to Rosetta@Home we are happy to be participating in

POEM@HOME, sponsored by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) of Germany.

Research Goals of POEM@HOME:
"... a computational approach to
  • predict the biologically active structure of proteins
  • understand the signal-processing mechanisms when the proteins interact with one another
  • understand diseases related to protein malfunction or aggregation
  • develop new drugs on the basis of the three-dimensions structure of biologically important proteins.
The scientific approach behind POEM@HOME is a computational realization of the thermodynamic hypothesis that won C. B. Anfinsen the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1972."

Research Goals of Rosetta@Home:
"The goal of our current research is to develop an improved model of intra- and intermolecular interactions and to use this model to predict and design macromolecular structures and interactions.  Prediction and design applications, which can be of great biological interest in their own right, also provide stringent and objective tests that improve the model and increase fundamental understanding.
We use a computer program called Rosetta to carry out protein and design calculations. At the core of Rosetta are potential functions for computing the energies of interactions within and between macromolecules, and methods for finding the lowest energy structure for an amino acid sequence (protein-structure prediction) or a protein-protein complex and for finding the lowest energy amino acid sequence for a protein or protein-protein complex (protein design). ..."

So once again, for the health and welfare of ferrets everywhere, we invite you to participate with us in the FerretKnots Boinc team.

Proteins are Pretty!
(yes, now you can even help by playing a GAME.)

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Feb 21, 2009



So no working computer again.
Sneaking time on someone else's desktop which got me thinking...
Given the time restraints right now of moving across the world (yet again) and starting a new job, and 4 is the 'bad' number anyway so why not dump it?

I'm starting to think of having this site absorbed into the sister Nippy Nihon site. But that's not a decision to made until after I've moved into to my little Korean rabbit hutch and settled down a little bit. Give or take a few months since unlike Japan, I don't speak the local language. 0.0

Actually it would be nice to have a consolidated website, but...

Thanks for stopping in! We hope you'll be back!

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