Nov 9, 2007

New Cancer Therapies for Animal Companions


In reading one of my several complimentary pet therapies books I came across a therapy for cancer treatment I have never heard about. It translates to "activated lymphocyte therapy". ( 活性化リンパ球療法 )

It seems to be more well-known and accepted here in Japan, but it mostly seems experimental in the US. (You can search for that term in the clinical trails DB and then also choose "include trials that are no longer recruiting patients." to get more results. )

Here is a brief explanation in English from a Japanese company currently engaged in that research if you have never heard of it.

My question is has anyone heard of it used on pets in the US? The book by Chief Veterinarian at NORIKO Animal Hospital Dr. Noriko Miyano implies that it is being used as a treatment option here in Japan. She does not go into detail though because the book's actual focus is on Chinese medicine usage in pets.

Thank you.

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