Jan 2, 2007

Welcome Mathematicians and Ferret-Lovers!


This brain-child was first spontaneously conceived at the end of 2006, but the full-blown birth occurred in 2007, ringing in the New Year of the Boar!!

What We Are Doing:
As the subtitle says, we're a group of interested people looking to apply maths in the quest to find solutions in veterinary science. Historically, a majority of applied mathematics has been used to study human aliments; we wish now to turn our focus to other equally worthy endeavors - our companion animals.

What Can You Expect To See Here:
We'll be posting links, articles, conjectures and information from all the relevant maths and veterinary sciences to help us further our goal. The most commonly applied maths addressed will be in the fields of dynamics, topology, biomathematics, and biostatistics.

Our Goal:
A better quality of life for animal companions, specifically Mustela putorius furo - the domesticated ferret - through advances in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

No idea is without merit, so send your comments in for review & discussion!!

Thanks for stopping in! We hope you'll be back!

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